Email Code Library


A client whom we do large volumes of email marketing for came to us with a specific request. We’ve been growing our relationship with them steadily over the last few years, and more and more they seem to look to us when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. Their request – to code a library of email templates.

My role

When I was hired at FARM, I was assigned to manage this client’s digital marketing projects – anywhere from emails to landing pages to digital ads. Email being the most common, since we do a high-volume of monthly campaigns for them. Over the last few years that I’ve been with FARM, we have undeniably showed them that we are thought leaders when it comes to digital marketing. I’ve particularly been working hard to make improvements and recommendations where I can for the best user experience and for the client.

Asking us (aka me) to code this email library was huge! We are one out of a dozen agencies that work on this client’s email marketing campaigns, yet they chose us to do the coding. Which means, my code would be shared and used with a number of reputable agencies across the country, across hundreds of thousands of emails blasted. That’s pretty cool when you think about it.

In just a few weeks time, I had coded 11 different sections – all containing anywhere from 1 to 8 different sub-sections of code within them – to live inside a template generator where these pieces can be selected to form 1 single email template. So what it comes down to is a lot, a lot of testing. And the key was to make sure they all work individually as well as in conjunction with one another.