I’ve been asked to make invitations recently, one being for a wedding and one for a graduation party. These were fun to work on because the clients literally told me to just “go for it.” However, I am a huge proponent of creating with a purpose, so for me to create “whatever I wanted” wasn’t exactly my tactic. I met with each client in person to discuss them as people. I wanted to know more about their story so that could shine through in the invitations.

My role

I designed each invitation with a quick turn-around, and virtually no edits from these clients. I guess they were serious when they told me to design what I wanted without much guidance. However, in both cases – the clients were extremely happy with the results! Which in turn, made me extremely happy.

Graduation Party Invitation

This invitation was designed for a high school graduate who was on her way to college in the fall. I was asked to design an invitation with the photographs they provided, as well as making a mention of it being a conjoined celebration with her best friend. Her invitation is shown above.

Wedding Invitation

This invitation was designed for an older couple who has been together for many, many years. They’ve built a life together in their home, with all of there children. Since this was both of their second marriages, they planned to host a big party in their backyard – nothing too formal. This was intended to be a celebration of their love and commitment to one another. Here is their invitations that mailed out: