JDH Website


Jason D. Henderson, a Dental Practice based in Syracuse, NY, went through a brand evolution with a change in ownership. I was asked not only to make marketing recommendations on handling this brand transition, design a new logo and outdoor signage, but also design and program their new website.

My role

I started my relationship with this client by designing various marketing materials for them. With time spent working with them and quality work in my corner, it was only natural to get a request from them to design their new website.

Phase 1: We completed a preliminary exercise – a competitor website audit. This audit was performed so that we could gather strategic insights from local competitors in the Central New York area. We gleaned many helpful tactics and things to consider when we entered the design phase of the website.

Phase 2: Once we established where we wanted to fall in relation to competitor’s websites – on top, course – we outlined a sitemap and some wireframes to start out.

Phase 3: Then, it was off to the drawing board. Literally! Again, pen meets paper. I drew up some ideas, sorted out some structural hierarchy and bam! We’re off to the site design.

Site Design

Phase 4: With only a couple rounds of review and feedback, we were able to sort through some viable site layout options.

Site Development

Phase 5: With approval on the site layout, we were ready to rock and roll. The client collected and crafted site content – with a little direction from me – and I began the programming. In fact, this is a project still in progess! So hang tight and I will share a link when the site is live, estimated date of 10/28/16.